Healthy African American Families
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Loretta Jones

Loretta Jones, Founder and CEO of HAAF


As a “Community Gatekeeper,” Ms. Jones has dedicated her entire life towards the hope and healing of community and society-at-large. Her career as a civil rights activist, health policy advocate, and social architect has spanned more than 30 years. In an effort to level the playing field for all people, Ms. Jones continues her unyielding commitment as a change agent against disparities in human health, development, and opportunity.

She is a co-investigator of the National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health (NIH)/University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)/RAND Center for Research on Quality in Managed Care; the National Institute on Aging, NIH/UCLA Center for Health Improvement in Minority Elderly (CHIME); and the NIH Drew/UCLA Project EXPORT, as well as a recipient of numerous Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grants and contracts. Ms. Jones is a member of the UCLA Institutional Review Board for protection of human subjects. She was also recently honored by the CDC as its first recipient of the “National Contribution to Minority Health Programs, Research and Surveillance” Award from its Department of Reproductive Health, an award for public leadership in overcoming health disparities.

Her Board seats have included: Women's Hope, Black Women for Wellness, Korean- African American United, FAMLI Institute, Violence Prevention Coalition, Grace Home for Waiting Children, South Central Prevention Network, Los Angeles, and AAAOD (where she was the founder and is Chair-Emeritus), and the National Family Life and Education Center. She has served as convener for Service Planning Area 6 for Los Angeles County, chair of the Community Advisory Council for the Family Preservation Network at Children's Institute International, Los Angeles, and co-chair for Los Angeles Best Babies Collaborative Advisory Board. She is the Co-Principal Investigator on Racial Health Disparities, Witness for Wellness Depression Studies, and Co-Chair of the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars, among others. She sits on the Federal Advisory Council of National Children's Studies-National Institute of Health.

Professional Employment experiences include: CEO - National Black Alcoholism Center, Oakland, CA, CEO National Black Alcoholism Center, Los Angeles, CA, Deputy CEO National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, Los Angeles County, Founding Member/Community Organizer/Resource Specialist Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment, Los Angeles, CA. Ms. Jones' additional Advisory Board seats have included: Jennesse Battered Women's Shelter, Great Beginnings for Black Babies, REI WIC, South Central Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, Gonorrhea Eradication, South Central Black Health Network, Black Communities Institution Network, Black Women's Forum Health Task Force, Adolescent Community Task Force, Dorsey-Crenshaw Cluster, Latino Health Coalition, Proposition 10 Family Self-Sufficiency Task Force, LA County Board of Supervisor LA CARE Children's Health Committee and the African American Children's Council.

In 2005, she became a Commissioner for the Joint Center Health Policy Institute’s Dellums Commission and a Family and Youth Stakeholder Member for the National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP). Loretta Jones currently resides in Los Angeles, California, the area she so tirelessly serves.

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